1. Cotton Fabrics:

    • Description: Soft, breathable, and versatile fabric made from cotton fibers.

    • Types: Poplin, muslin, cambric, voile, denim, khadi.

    • Applications: Apparel, home textiles.

  2. Silk Fabrics:

    • Description: Luxurious and smooth fabric produced from silk fibers.

    • Types: Mulberry silk, Tussar silk, Muga silk, Eri silk.

    • Applications: Sarees, dresses, scarves, home furnishings.

  3. Wool Fabrics:

    • Description: Warm and insulating fabric derived from the fleece of sheep or other animals.

    • Types: Merino wool, cashmere, tweed, felt.

    • Applications: Sweaters, suits, shawls, coats.

  4. Linen Fabrics:

    • Description: Lightweight and breathable fabric made from the fibers of the flax plant.

    • Types: Plain linen, blended linen, damask linen.

    • Applications: Summer apparel, tablecloths, bed linens.

  5. Jute Fabrics:

    • Description: Coarse and strong fabric made from jute fibers.

    • Types: Hessian, burlap.

    • Applications: Bags, packaging, home decor.

  6. Banarasi Brocade:

    • Description: Intricately woven silk fabric with gold or silver threadwork.

    • Applications: Traditional Indian sarees, lehengas.

  7. Chanderi Fabric:

    • Description: Lightweight and sheer fabric known for its fine texture.

    • Applications: Sarees, suits, dupattas.

  8. Khadi Fabric:

    • Description: Handspun and handwoven fabric, often associated with the Indian independence movement.

    • Applications: Kurtas, shirts, sarees.

  9. Batik Fabrics:

    • Description: Fabric with designs created using a wax-resist dyeing technique.

    • Applications: Apparel, home furnishings.

  10. Kalamkari Fabrics:

    • Description: Hand-painted or block-printed fabric with intricate designs.

    • Applications: Sarees, dupattas, home decor.

  11. Kanjivaram Silk:

    • Description: Luxurious silk sarees known for their rich colors and gold/silver zari work.

    • Applications: Bridal wear, traditional ceremonies.

  12. Ikat Fabrics:

    • Description: Fabric with a distinctive tie-dyeing and weaving technique.

    • Applications: Dresses, sarees, home textiles.

  13. Pashmina Shawls:

    • Description: Fine wool shawls made from the wool of Pashmina goats.

    • Applications: Shawls, scarves.

  14. Velvet Fabrics:

    • Description: Soft and plush fabric with a dense pile.

    • Applications: Evening wear, upholstery, accessories.

  15. Handloom Fabrics:

    • Description: Fabrics woven on traditional handlooms, showcasing regional weaving techniques.

    • Applications: Varied, depending on the type of fabric and weave.

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